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Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017 – Final Day


Well all good things must come to an end and so it passes that this is the last day MS Ignite for another year . Definitely a more subdued feeling amongst the attendees (maybe due to a big night last night!) and many delegates are already flying home, not choosing to be here for the last day of events.

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Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017 – Day 2

Waking up at 5am in the morning is a near impossible feat when at home, yet seems to be no problem here. Might have something to do with the sunrise 🙂


Early start today with the 8.15am session on containers with Ben Armstrong. Containers captured my attention when announced in Server 2016 as a great way to virtualise applications.

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SAGE-AU IPv6 Roadshow

IPv6 Roadshow Logo

Have you heard about SAGE-AU‘s National IPv6 Roadshow coming up in March?

SAGE-AU is running a 1 day event around capital cities in Australia to provide IT Professionals an introduction to the new address scheme of the internet and how you would go about implementing IPv6 in your home/business/organisation.

I think many people believe that IPv6 is still a fair way off, and with google reporting some 3% of traffic to it’s site as IPv6, perhaps it is. The problem for those people though is that take-up is accelerating as more networking devices become IPv6 compatible and I think in the next 2-3 years, people will suddenly need to know about IPv6.

To me, it makes perfect sense to get a fundamental knowledge of IPv6 now and be ahead of the game when the protocol hits critical mass.

The IPv6 Roadshow is coming up soon, so if you are thinking about coming, you should register now!

Also, as an IT Professional, you should probably join SAGE-AU and make use of their great benefits.

Disclaimer: I am the 2013-2014 Vice President of SAGE-AU.