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Monitoring Windows Server Interactive Logins

I’m sure many of you realise that for systems with high value in terms of information held or impact to business due to outage or data breach, you would probably want to crank up the monitoring of such systems. Best practices say you should pretty much monitor all activity associated with local users and groups, but today I want to focus on interactive logins to servers.

This has mainly come about from my own need recently to provide the ability to notify on any interactive login to a particular server, be it using remote desktop or a console session.

My first thought was to create a SCOM Rule that would report on Security Log EventID 4624 and if the Logon Type was 3 (console logon) or 10 (RDP Logon), send an email. As it turned out, this was much harder than I expected, as I found that Logon Type was not getting consistently passed as a parameter, and doing a text search on the entire message is not good practice.

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HP iLO SSL Certificate Script v3 now available

It’s fair to say that I have not done any scripting for HP iLO since the release of their PowerShell scripting toolkit. I simply didn’t have a need. However in the past week I received a request to update my SSL Signing script for iLO to use the HP toolkit, and so I have.

As the HP cmdlets only support iLO3 and above, this script is also only compatible with iLO 3 and above.

The mechanics of the script depart from my previous scripts, in that they require a list of iLO interfaces in a text file, rather than doing DNS queries – this list should be a trivial thing to compile using Find-iLO HP cmdlet. It also no longer makes attempts to correct issues that may cause the certificate to not install correctly, it will simply note the problem and then list the skipped hosts in an exceptions report as the script completes. This greatly simplifies the script.

HP Releases PowerShell Scripting Tool

It would appear that the Practical Admin Blog is read far and wide. This week I got an email from Product Marketing @ HP to let me know that they have released scripting tool for PowerShell recently. Needless to say this is a welcome announcement.

At just on 77,000 lines of code, it quite a substantial libraries of cmdlets, supporting iLO3 and iLO4 devices. In a somewhat strange decision there appears to be no supporting technical documentation linked to the PowerShell scripting tools, unlike the sample scripting tools available for perl & cpqlocfg tools. This has had to leave me delving into the code itself to get an idea what is available.

I am pleased to say that this library of cmdlets appears to have all the functionality my iLO libraries have in the past and would recommend to people have have iLO3 and iLO4 devices to look at this script, or replacing my own scripts with this one.

You can get it from here:

RAC Bulk Update Script v1

It’s been a little while since my last post, after getting involved with some major projects, however now that much of that work has been completed, I am now getting back into configuration of iDRACs. With an incressing number of Dell servers appearing at work, I want to get on top of a standard configuration as soon as possible.

My iDRAC PS Library has been out there for a while, so it would seem appropriate to create a bulk updating script with it.

Downloadable from the Scripts Page.

This is relatively easy to use, with a command line of.

.\RACBulkUpdate -username [user] -pass [password] -RACConfigFile [ConfigFile]

please be aware that in order to run this script you will need the RAC PS Library and the racadm iDRAC tools from Dell (Available on the scripts page). Please make sure you configure the RACLibrary $racadmpath or the scripts will not run.

iLO PS Library & Script Updates

The iLO PS Library has been updated to version 1.1.2. This release has minor bugfixes and a new function for parsing RIBCL output to obtain the CSR that is created. Latest version of the script can be downloaded of the iLO PS Page.

I have completely re-written the iLO SSL Signing Script in the last week to make use of the iLO PS Library. This has seen a reduction in script code, but more importantly with the assistance of Joe I’ve fixed a couple of significant bugs in the original script – The script will now work properly for iLO3 devices for example. Script can be downloaded from the PS Scripts Page.

On a similar note, the iLO bulk update script for mass configuration has also been updated to use the iLO Library. The result being that the output from the reports is in an object format that is much easier to manipulate in Powershell. Once again, you can obtain on the PS Script Page.

Introducing the Dell iDRAC Powershell Library

Hot on the heals of the iLO Library, I am pleased to release the Dell iDRAC Powershell Library. This is a script that you “dot include” in the beginning of any script you are writing so that you can have access to the functions.

The library is a wrapper for the Dell RACADM DRAC Tool (check out the Third Party Utils on the Powershell Scripts page to get) which is much like the CPQLOCFG.exe tool for HP.

What I find interesting is that the Dell tool is really well written for applying configuration, but can be a little obtuse about the results it returns (strings mainly), which is the opposite of the HP Tool who use XML for configuration and results information – where I find the XML for configuration a bit obtuse, but excellent for reporting…

Anyway, If you are managing a large number of Dell servers with iDRAC Interfaces in a windows environment, you may wish to take a look at this powershell library – it may be quite handy!

Click here for the Library Page

iLO Powershell Library 1.1 Update

Well it appears that people rather liked the iLO Powershell Library I released last week. Now having had the weekend to relax, and time to start rewriting code to make use of it I have released a 1.1 release of the library to address some of the issues and add some additional functionality.

  • Functions now have aliases to be more powershell-like. E.g Mod-iLO, Get-iLOVersion etc. Please use these instead of function names. I will be renaming the functions at a later date. The original 1.0 functions will remain as aliases for backward compatibility, but with a depreciated warning.
  • New Function to Parse the RIBCL output from Mod-iLO Function. This can be used for report generation/actions.
  • New Function to generate Custom Error Messages for use inline with the Parse-RIBCL* functions. Useful for exception handling.

The updated Library can be found on the iLO PS Library Page