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Got a Question? Contact Me!

I have added a contact form to the website to make it easier for people to get in contact with me about things on my blog.

This is to try and stave off the increasing labyrinth of comments that appear to be increasing across my site with questions about the scripts, that are not necessarily related to the blog post itself. Because of this new feature, I will no longer publish comments that are:

a) Not directly related to the post
b) comments to posts older than 2 months.

However, if the questions/comments received are non-trival, I will now include regular Q&A Blog posts to cover the question 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂


Script Links Updated – Help Find Broken Ones

Hi All,

I’ve just updated all the links to scripts on this site to point to a dropbox account thanks to apple deciding to do away with iDisk. I think all the links are working, but if you find any that may be broken, please let me know.

Change of Direction

I haven’t been very active of late. So much so, that I have even had time to have an overseas holiday. However I knew when I returned things would be different.

Early in June, my employer advised that we were changing vendors for our rack mount servers. So now I’m getting my hands dirty with Dell Servers. I must say that I’ve been pushing for Dell for quite a while, but now being confronted with the fact that I have 3 R910s that need to be ready for deployment by the end of the week and that I need to have everything documented and ready is a bit of a daunting task. Especially when there are bugs (more of that in another post later).

So here we go, new learning curve. HP will still be a part of this blog, as it’s going to take several years before we cycle out HP hardware (by which point we may be purchasing HP again), but now there will be lots of new stuff here about racadm and DMC and OpenManage and R810s and 910s.

The times, they are ‘a changing.

Whats all this then?

Ever had one of those days when you achieved something, and thought it would be honourable to share your findings for the greater good? Yea, I am having one of those days.

I have started this blog to try and put some practical, technical information out there about ways to manage a large number of servers. The organisations I have worked for typically have more than 200 physical servers but less than 500, and thankfully typically stuck with a single brand, with typically one operating system. Therefore, you will find this website based around HP Hardware & Microsoft OSes.

As the blog progresses, I hope that people will find the information useful and heaven forbid, make use of it themselves 🙂