Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017 – Final Day


Well all good things must come to an end and so it passes that this is the last day MS Ignite for another year . Definitely a more subdued feeling amongst the attendees (maybe due to a big night last night!) and many delegates are already flying home, not choosing to be here for the last day of events.


First up was the Azure Stack & Hybrid Deployment session. I wish I could say I enjoyed this session, but for a level 300 session there really wasn’t’ much there I couldn’t have picked up on the fly if using the technology myself. This was a little disappointing considering the rushing around I did to get there.

img_0213After an early morning tea was another of Ben Armstrong’s sessions on Windows Containers. This was a fantastic Level 400 deep dive into how containers actually work and some the architectural decisions made to make containers so fast.

Some of the really impressive things talked about was working on performance of things such as PowerShell to speed up its load times by up to 800%, and using memory cloning with Hyper-V containers to get smart about loading the same code over and over again.

This was truly fascinating session and has only continued to increase my desire to see how to use Windows containers in my workplace.

img_0221The last “Technical Session” for me was the fantastic Orin Thomas and discussing the Terrible Habits of Cloud and Server Administrators.

This session has a lot of humour, a lot of head nodding and a lot of home truths about all things Server and Cloud administrators do.

Orin then went on to talk about how to fix some of these things, some of them common sense, and others with technical solutions such as Just Enough Administration suing privileged access management and secure domains. Having been to most of his sessions throughout Ignite, I was starting to hear the same anecdotes for the 2nd or 3rd time.

One last lunch and it was amusing to see around half the exhibitors had already packed up and left, leaving empty stands.

Being honest, I didn’t hang around for the closing keynote though judging by peoples reactions I really wish I had.

And that was the end of Ignite for another year!