Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017 – Day 2

Waking up at 5am in the morning is a near impossible feat when at home, yet seems to be no problem here. Might have something to do with the sunrise 🙂


Early start today with the 8.15am session on containers with Ben Armstrong. Containers captured my attention when announced in Server 2016 as a great way to virtualise applications.

img_0158Ben’s presentation was a fantastic introduction to containers made all the better by practical demonstrations of how to use them.

Personally, I think they are a great thing, but I am struggling to find a good use-case for them at work in a way that would see them readily adopted.

I did stop in briefly at the Windows Server 2016 security session, which was standing room only. There are some very cool technologies being built into Windows Server these days including Just Enough Administration that allows you to limit access to powershell cmdlets available to people in a given role. And excampkle if this would be to ensure that the dns admins only had access to the dns cmdlets.

Unfortunately I had to step out not too long after the session started, and given the standing room only sitiuation could not get back in later, so went on to wander the expo floor.

Here I managed to have a chat with Mark Warkolm from Elastic, who I have had dealings with before and is an all round great guy, along with his colleague Russ. Discussed data curation in elastic and how to best use time based indices.

I also met Paul Brauman from Polycom whom we share a mutual friend and had a bit of a chat, with me taking to opportunity to give a light dig at the performance of Polycom Gear 🙂 All taken in good humour though!


After lunch I opted to watch the short Hack@Ignite talk by Kylie Hunt on 5 ninja tricks to making the workplace suck less. This was an entertaining talk and full of humour going through how a happier workplace makes for greater productivity and what things you can do to help make the workplace happier. I think much of it I unconsciously knew but needed Kylie to actually say it for it to become the aha! moment for me.

Another break between sessions before heading off to the Supercharged IoT end-to-end Solution on the Azure IoT Platform.

I would love to go on and tell you how the last 2 sessions of MSIgnite went today, but it was about this time that my phone lit up with a heap of messages advising me of a bushfire near my home that is currently out of control!

I guess some IoT Devices would be handy about now to monitor the weather and particulate situation. For now I am just trying to get some eyes on the ground…

**update** Eyes on ground says I should be fine…