A Fresh Start

After a long break between posts over the last two years, is time to for The Practical Admin to have a bit of an update to reflect the changes in his skill sets and equipment availability.

Most of my absence was directly related to being actively involved with SAGE-AU (Now ITPA) for 3 years which included being editor for their monthly newsletter. Since stepping down in 2015 I have been heavily involved in some local community groups.

I now mostly work with Dell Hardware, which means I do a bit with the Dell OpenManage platform of tools. I still mainly work on the Windows Server platform, and have interests in the areas of automation, PKI and platform management. These days my involvement with getting hands on with hardware is minimal.

What this means for the Blog is you’ll see a whole lot more stuff on the Dell OpenManage Platform, Microsoft Windows Server, and more. It also means that many of my hardware scripts, (Such as iLO PS Library) will no longer be supported as I have no ability to test them any more.

Here’s to a return of The Practical Admin.