HP Releases PowerShell Scripting Tool

It would appear that the Practical Admin Blog is read far and wide. This week I got an email from Product Marketing @ HP to let me know that they have released scripting tool for PowerShell recently. Needless to say this is a welcome announcement.

At just on 77,000 lines of code, it quite a substantial libraries of cmdlets, supporting iLO3 and iLO4 devices. In a somewhat strange decision there appears to be no supporting technical documentation linked to the PowerShell scripting tools, unlike the sample scripting tools available for perl & cpqlocfg tools. This has had to leave me delving into the code itself to get an idea what is available.

I am pleased to say that this library of cmdlets appears to have all the functionality my iLO libraries have in the past and would recommend to people have have iLO3 and iLO4 devices to look at this script, or replacing my own scripts with this one.

You can get it from here: