iDRAC default root password not working out of box

Where I work we have recently acquired a number of Dell R620 servers to be used in remote locations. Personally I think they are a great all round server for the light to medium workloads seen on the infrastructure we manage.

I’ve been pushing hard to use automated deployment systems that rely on the iDRAC interface, with the plan being that people take the rack and stack a previously unopened server at the remote site, use the front panel to configure iDRAC Network and then come back to work to provision the server remotely. The default username and password for the iDRAC is well known. That is until recently when we placed a server on site, confirmed we could remotely contact the iDRAC and came back, only to find the defaults not working.

It would appear that certainly the batch of servers we have, and some anecdotal reports from friends deploying Dell servers is that some server’s iDRAC interface appears to have a “faulty” default password. This was confirmed with a follow up call to Dell support. Current fix is (you guessed it) to ensure you set the password before going out on site. Whilst an inconvenience, luckily this was discovered after one server went out, and not all of them.

So just a heads for people that if you are relying on you iDRAC to remotely provision brand new boxes, you may want to set the default username/password yourself rather than making an assumption it will work.