Off to TechEd!

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In one of those really nice things I was not expected, my employer was able to obtain a last-minute ticket to Microsoft TechEd Australia 2012. My colleague declined the offer of the ticket, but recommended that I be sent in his place, so of I go!

I’ve have wanted to get to TechEd for some time now, but costs have always put it out of my reach. I am excited to be going this year, particularly with the launch of Windows Server 2012 and SQL 2012.

If you want to follow me around the event, just follow @practicalsa on twitter!

2 thoughts on “Off to TechEd!

  1. Ed Beam

    I am a novice at Powershell but was searching for some scripts to use on by HP iLO’s. My basic needs are to get a list of ilo’s (all models) and be able to change the local administrator password on approximately 900 servers. I downloaded your library and have tried to modify the entries needed for my list of servers and output files. I have powershell.exe and ilolibray.ps1, ilowrapper.ps1 and cpqlocfg.exe in the same directory but i can’t get it to work. Could you possibly point out exactly what items i need to modify from your script for me to do these funtions…..thanks.

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