RAC Bulk Update Script v1

It’s been a little while since my last post, after getting involved with some major projects, however now that much of that work has been completed, I am now getting back into configuration of iDRACs. With an incressing number of Dell servers appearing at work, I want to get on top of a standard configuration as soon as possible.

My iDRAC PS Library has been out there for a while, so it would seem appropriate to create a bulk updating script with it.

Downloadable from the Scripts Page.

This is relatively easy to use, with a command line of.

.\RACBulkUpdate -username [user] -pass [password] -RACConfigFile [ConfigFile]

please be aware that in order to run this script you will need the RAC PS Library and the racadm iDRAC tools from Dell (Available on the scripts page). Please make sure you configure the RACLibrary $racadmpath or the scripts will not run.