New Dell R620s – Initial Thoughts

Some nice new shiny arrived at work for me this week, a Dell R620 that mark will mark a shift in strategy for some of our key architecture.

I have been really looking forward to playing with Dell’s new 12G servers, because as some of you know, I have had some interesting issues with the 11G Servers. So, here are some dot points on what I think about the new servers.

  • They are quiet – I booted this beast in our build room, and even at the pre-boot stage the fans were a LOT quieter than it’s predecessor. Once booted, I actually found the ambient noise in the room louder than the server itself (that said, the room isn’t exactly a soundproof chamber either).
  • Memory Configuration appears faster – These servers are configured with 32GB of Memory, which is substantially less than the R910s and R810s we otherwise have, but either way the time it takes to “configure memory” is a lot less.
  • USC Boot/Software Inventory Faster – This I REALLY like. For our 11G servers, to boot into the Universal Server Configurator it could take upwards of 10 minutes to happen, and a lot of this seems to be around the server inventory process – I am pleased to say I didn’t have to wait for more than a couple of minutes for this to happen on the 620.

The USC hasn’t appeared to have any major changes to it, though some cosmetic enhancements have occurred.

This week I hope to sit down and configure one of these machines up with an OS and will write a bit more then!