iLO PS Library & Script Updates

The iLO PS Library has been updated to version 1.1.2. This release has minor bugfixes and a new function for parsing RIBCL output to obtain the CSR that is created. Latest version of the script can be downloaded of the iLO PS Page.

I have completely re-written the iLO SSL Signing Script in the last week to make use of the iLO PS Library. This has seen a reduction in script code, but more importantly with the assistance of Joe I’ve fixed a couple of significant bugs in the original script – The script will now work properly for iLO3 devices for example. Script can be downloaded from the PS Scripts Page.

On a similar note, the iLO bulk update script for mass configuration has also been updated to use the iLO Library. The result being that the output from the reports is in an object format that is much easier to manipulate in Powershell. Once again, you can obtain on the PS Script Page.