Introducing the Dell iDRAC Powershell Library

Hot on the heals of the iLO Library, I am pleased to release the Dell iDRAC Powershell Library. This is a script that you “dot include” in the beginning of any script you are writing so that you can have access to the functions.

The library is a wrapper for the Dell RACADM DRAC Tool (check out the Third Party Utils on the Powershell Scripts page to get) which is much like the CPQLOCFG.exe tool for HP.

What I find interesting is that the Dell tool is really well written for applying configuration, but can be a little obtuse about the results it returns (strings mainly), which is the opposite of the HP Tool who use XML for configuration and results information – where I find the XML for configuration a bit obtuse, but excellent for reporting…

Anyway, If you are managing a large number of Dell servers with iDRAC Interfaces in a windows environment, you may wish to take a look at this powershell library – it may be quite handy!

Click here for the Library Page