iLO Powershell Library 1.1 Update

Well it appears that people rather liked the iLO Powershell Library I released last week. Now having had the weekend to relax, and time to start rewriting code to make use of it I have released a 1.1 release of the library to address some of the issues and add some additional functionality.

  • Functions now have aliases to be more powershell-like. E.g Mod-iLO, Get-iLOVersion etc. Please use these instead of function names. I will be renaming the functions at a later date. The original 1.0 functions will remain as aliases for backward compatibility, but with a depreciated warning.
  • New Function to Parse the RIBCL output from Mod-iLO Function. This can be used for report generation/actions.
  • New Function to generate Custom Error Messages for use inline with the Parse-RIBCL* functions. Useful for exception handling.

The updated Library can be found on the iLO PS Library Page 

4 thoughts on “iLO Powershell Library 1.1 Update

  1. stephar


    First off, good work on the library!

    Do you know how to get the group information from ilo using CPQLOCFG? To list all configured users you can use GET_ALL_USERS under RIBCL\LOGIN\USER_INFO

    How do I list the configured groups?

    Br Stefan

  2. stephar

    Just found it.



    Thank you anyway. 🙂

    1. Ben Post author

      Sounds like you got it!

      Yea, I haven’t made a definitive function to put any result in a nicely formatted object – I’ll add code to the library as I find myself writing it.

      That said, I think the key thing here is the Output of Mod-iLO, which you can then dig into and write your own code around.

      Thanks For trying out the library!

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