Dell Repository Manager – Remote Name could not be Resolved

Over the last week I have been having a lot of fun getting my hands dirty with the Dell Repository Manager, which is a way to store and deploy Dell firmware and drivers. One thing that did drive me a little crazy though was that no matter what I did, exporting an update bundle to an SUU from my local created repository resulted in the error “The remote name could not be resolved”.

As it turned out the error is actually a .NET Error message referring to being unable to resolve DNS. It would appear then that the Repository application is therefore treating the local repository as a network location.

Armed with this knowledge, I then did some digging around on the Dell Enterprise Technology Centre and found that the Dell Repository Manager gets it’s network settings (proxy etc) from the system (via Internet Explorer). I was on to something!. Opened IE, removed the proxy settings and restarted the application. It Worked! I was then able to make my own bundles from the local repository!

So there you have it. If you are having trouble exporting bundles to SUU packages due to the above errors, it may be worthwhile to check your proxy settings.