Updating DNS and WINS Script

We’re finally getting rid of WINS at work. Remarkably we still have some production applications that require it, but that is being worked on. In the meantime I am working at removing WINS settings from DHCP Scopes and from servers where we know WINS is not required.

While DHCP scopes are easy to update, static assignment on servers aren’t. Theres no magic GPO you can set and be damned if you do it by hand for over 500 servers. Thankfully WMI as we have previously seen will allow a scriptable way to update network adaptor properties.

So I have written a script to do automate the process. The script uses Quest AD Management cmdlets for Powershell.

Download the script here

How to run the script follows

This is my first adventure in using command line parameters instead of arguments, and I am rather happy with the results.

The script run without any parameters should provide basic usage information. The -server parameter can be run for a single server or with wildcards. it will then run against computers matching the details in AD. Run without any further parameters, this script will generate a report of matching machines, DNS Settings, WINS Settings and whether DHCP is enabled. The report will also list any servers that it was unable to ping, or contact by WMI.

the -DNSServers and -WINSServers parameters are as they sound – usually a comma separated list of the primary and secondary DNS. -WINSServers can also be run with a value of ‘delete’ to remove WINS Settings.

Standard Disclaimer: This script is provided as-is and I take no responsibility or liability for any damage this script may cause in your environment 🙂