iLO Reporting Tool

As everyone may have noticed by now, I have an unhealthy interest in HP integrated Lights-Out interfaces. In a previous post I talked about Bulk iLO configuration. Bulk configuration is good, but how do you ensure configuration integrity across the iLO fleet?

Using all the techniques I have mentioned in prior posts, I have developed a script that I can run either ad-hoc or as a scheduled task that will go off and generate a report about all the known iLO interfaces as determined by DNS.

You can download the Report tool here.

Please be aware that like most my iLO scripts, this will require the installation of Active Perl on any host you plan running this from. You will need to need to configure the variable in the script where indicated for this to work.

The Report provides the following output

  • Hostname, IP, iLO Hardware, iLO Firmware, Local Login Test, AD Integrated Login Test, Serial Number, Advanced License Key (if used) and Server Model
  • Hosts that have a DNS Record, but fail a ping test.
  • iLO devices that pass a ping test, but no data could be queried from device
  • Hosts Excluded

A sample of the output can be viewed here.

Hopefully this will mark a break in my iLO obsession for a little while, while I focus on some Active Directory work.