Keeping Track of iLO Activation Keys

One of the wonders of HP out of band management known as “Lights Out Administrator” is that in order to do anything useful with it you need to purchase an Advanced license. This allows you to do things like AD integration, Remote console etc.

The fun begins though when people accidently misplace the License Certificates for activation months ago, and all of a sudden the mainboard in a server needs replacing. When replaced, you lose your iLO Advanced license key. So now you are thinking about this, wouldn’t it be a great time to do a quick inventory of servers and their associated licenses?

Good news is the iLO HTTP-XML API allows you to do this. just visit this URL:

http://<address of iLO interface>/xmldata?item=CpqKey

And a key will get returned in RIBCL XML:

<?xml version=”1.0″ ?>

Tune in again tomorrow, and we’ll wrap some powershell around this so you can do a bulk query of you iLO interfaces into a CSV file.